Appropriate Use Policy

You are reminded that the Copyright Act applies to the whole of the A*STAR Digital Library collection. The usage of materials/ information retrieved from the Digital Library Collection by users from the A*STAR-affiliated Research Institutes must abide by the conditions set out in the Copyright Act.

These materials can be used for academic research, learning and teaching purposes only for yourself. Under no circumstances should the data be disseminated to another person or used for commercial purposes.

Violation of the Copyright Act is an offence in Singapore and the use of the Research Institutes' facilities for illegal copying is a violation of the Research Institutes' rules and regulations. A*STAR and the Research Institutes take a serious view of copyright infringement. Anyone found violating the Copyright Act may face disciplinary and/or legal actions.

In compliance with publisher's terms of use, please do not download excessively. Please download relevant full-text articles only when needed. Indiscriminate excessive downloading may also translate into higher annual subscription fees in future.

Please note that usage of any software/applications to perform systematic/massive downloading of materials is strictly prohibited. Any user who attempts to systematically download materials from the A*STAR Digital Library collection will result in suspension of their user account.  



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